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BMX Ministries

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In October 2019, International BMX Ministries came under the umbrella of Christian Sports International and became known as CSI BMX Ministries. The ministry focus was to continue and grow already established efforts called Church in the Dirt and Victory BMX Camp. The ministry also has a competitive race team with riders from all over the country that honors God in all they do on and off the race track.


Church in the Dirt is a 15-20 minute non-denominational Chapel service on the Sunday of larger BMX events, such as a National, State Championship, or Gold Cup race.


Victory BMX Camps are a two day BMX training and outreach camp where riders are taught and coached in the sport of BMX and also hear about God's love for them with an opportunity to give their lives to Christ.


Through the first three years of CSI's involvement in BMX, the ministry saw consistent growth with Church in the Dirt increasing to 42 services in 20 states with 1,150 in attendance in 2022, and interest to host Victory BMX Camps from various tracks growing around the country. There has also been an increase of interest for the ministry racing team as more riders are searching "Christian BMX team" on Google and having the CSI team show up as the first result.

We fully expect this trend to continue as the Lord opens new doors and opportunities and more people get involved in the outreach programs.

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Support CSI BMX Ministries

Your generous support helps us reach our BMX family with God's Message of Faith, Hope, and Love. Thank you!

Sponsorship/Support Opportunities


Christian Sports International BMX Ministries offers you a great opportunity to have your business, product, or service, highlighted and promoted in a positive, impactful atmosphere, nationwide, through the action packed sport of BMX racing.  Our BMX racing program was created to provide not just a team, but a community, for our riders and their families to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We also provide opportunities for riders and families around us to hear about the faith, hope, and love our members have in common. 

  • Church In The Dirt Track Side Chapel Services

  • Victory Outreach Training Camps and Clinics

  • CSI Racing Team

  • Prayers For Those In Need

  • Invitation Opportunities

  • SO MUCH MORE...!

Come join us today and let's share in our Faith while we Race and Serve as One Team with One Coach and One Goal! Click the green Sponsorship Opportunities button for more information.

Join Our Team

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If you’re looking for a team that is focused on faith in Jesus Christ, community, and family, then come join CSI BMX Ministries! Click on the Join Our Team! button to submit your application today!


  1. Team sponsor discounts.

  2. Team pit space at select Local, State, National, and Gold Cup events.

  3. Exposure and publicity on web and social media sites.

  4. Coaching and development opportunities.

  5. Additional benefits may be added as new sponsors and supporters assist the team.

Victory BMX Camps

Graciously Sponsored By:


Click the camp below to sign up today!

  • South Park BMX, April 30, 2023

  • Hire Park BMX, July 8-9 (registration soon)

  • Desoto BMX, August 5-6 (registration soon)

  • Park City BMX, August 12-13 (registration soon)

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