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Welcome to BMX Sponsorship!


Christian Sports International BMX Ministries offers you a great opportunity to have your business, product, or service, highlighted and promoted in a positive, impactful atmosphere, nationwide, through the action packed sport of BMX racing.  Our BMX racing program was created to provide not just a team, but a community, for our riders and their families to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We also provide opportunities for riders and families around us to hear about the faith, hope, and love our members have in common.  


The CSI BMX Ministries program has many opportunities to offer sponsors:

  • A program with a national focus and reach -- Our program will draw interest and members from people across the United States through national advertising and promotion. It will be mass promoted through national media, including print, television, social media, and websites. Your business as a sponsor will be included in this positive promotion.

  • Explosive growth potential -- As a result of the nationwide focus on membership, events, and promotion, the potential for explosive growth is tremendous! As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to "ride this wave" by allowing us to market your product or service during this growth. This is a wonderful, groundbreaking opportunity!

  • Positive societal impact and change -- Your sponsorship dollars will have a tremendous impact, helping to bring positive societal change through today's youth (tomorrow's leaders). You will have a part in bringing hope to kids who need to have a void in their lives filled.

  • Targeted market possibilities -- As events and programs are developed in key areas and markets, opportunities will present themselves to promote your business in targeted markets to targeted audiences.

Contact us today using the form below, and let's discuss and design options, packages, and opportunities for your company in this exciting sport.

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