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This six minute video is a 6/22/17 interview of CSI's President Scott Grinder by Tom McGough on Cornerstone Television's program Real Life 360. It's a great discussion about Christian Sports International.


Christian Sports International (CSI) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 and it’s headquartered in a suburban community north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a division in the San Diego, CA area. CSI facilitates sports programs for kids, ministry events for men to challenge and empower the participants to live their lives for Jesus Christ. Since 1990, over 635,000 individuals received the Gospel message through CSI programs and thousands have accepted Jesus as their Savior as a result.

CSI endeavors to reach as many kids as possible in the suburban, urban and rural communities both locally and around the world. CSI teaches kids sports skills, life skills, healthy life styles and the good news of Jesus Christ through an innovative approach so they may have the chance to become the best of the best.



A variety of sports are offered at our four-day programs, and one-day clinics. The day begins with devotions and a rigorous exercise program before breaking into smaller groups to teach the skills of the particular sport through drills and team play. The day ends with one of our staff sharing their personal testimony. Qualified staff will lead these programs and clinics many times, former professional athletes, college players and college coaches are involved.


Sports offered are:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • BMX Racing

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Physical Fitness Training

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • One-day Umpire Clinic

  • One-day Coaches Clinic 


G0 TEAM GO! - Vacation Bible School

The T.E.A.M. Sports Academy curriculum was created in conjunction with sports to encourage and build self-esteem as well as minister to the spirits of young children. We believe that children are important to God and that our responsibility is to teach and train children in the Word of God. The curriculum developed by Alan Marsh of Word Alive Church, has many sports examples brought together with spiritual applications. The children will learn with God we will gain victory as each day a different letter of T.E.A.M. is discussed leading into a new adventure in God’s Word. We pray that you will be excited by the vision we have to see every child develop their full potential, both physically and spiritually.

CSI Club Challenge

CSI Club Challenge offers Christian middle and high school students an opportunity to stand together on campus for spiritual growth, encouragement, leadership, and ministry/outreach opportunities.




CSI will establish a support system with local ministries where youth and families can find help and hope to face daily living in their community. Programs construct and enrich their young lives so their communities will see change.


To change hearts and lives with the good news of Jesus Christ, through sports and other ministry events.


Christian Sports International desires to see all participants to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Many children today do not live with both parents in the home. Their environment is not supportive of a successful future. Many children’s education suffers because of the lack of stability in this fam¬ily. Healthy life styles do not exist among many children with obesity on the rise. The morals and values of life are long forgotten as these children try to survive in our fast paced world. Our values have eroded away as a people and our communities are breaking apart. For many children surviving means using abusive language towards others, arson, burglary, and aggravated assault, stealing, fighting, and making fun of others even murder. These children need intervention or they are headed for a life of disaster. The disrespect of our children toward adults and other children is on the rise. We have a problem and it’s a major crisis of the heart.


CSI recognizes the need for programs that demonstrate healthy life styles, character development, responsible conduct, societal achievement, and the value of personal achievement. Through play, competition and education we encourage young people to learn patience, practice teamwork, and develop social skills through our program.

Programs strive to enrich the lives of children by improving their skills while they learn to appreciate the value of helping and respecting others. What sets us apart from other programs are the moral, ethical and spiritual values children will hear and see from our staff at every program. It is our desire to impact the lives of children with our innovative style of teaching. The goal is to change lives forever so they can have a future that’s filled with promise so they can conquer the challenges of life. By giving them a solid foundation these young men and women will grow into responsible citizens.


The year round program allows children to become involved in developing sports skills and helping with their education. Physical fitness training is a critical piece of their format this includes; height, weight, and body fat measuring along with a rigorous physical fitness program. All children are charted to measure progression.

Board of Directors
  • Scott Grinder
    CSI President

  • George Viilegas
    CSI Chairman

  • Dave Rettig
    CSI Vice Chairman

  • Doug Williamson
    CSI Treasurer

  • Bobby Martin
    CSI Secretary

  • Dan Schar
    CSI VP of Community Development

  • Chris Livermore

  • Tyler Bream

  • Todd Householder

CSI Staff


  • Scott Grinder
    CSI President

  • Dan Schar
    CSI VP of Community Development

  • Mark Chrisian Salazar
    CSI VP of West Division

  • Cindy Owens

Board of Advisors


  • A. Edward Major, Jr.

  • Bob Shallenberger
    Pastor, Church of God

  • Claudio Reilsono
    Head Baseball Coach, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Dr. & Pastor Ed Glover
    Founder & President, Urban Impact

  • Dr. Michael Weaver
    President, Weaver International

  • Carl Staible
    President, Robinson Fans

  • Tom McGough
    Cleveland Indians/Cornerstone Television

  • Larry Arndt
    Owner, Boulevard Glass & Metals

  • Melvin Adams
    Former Harlem Globetrotter/ President Adams Ent.

  • Randy Hildebrant
    Church and Community Worker

  • Mark Miller
    Founder, Greater Pittsburgh Collision Works

  • Mike Marburger
    Owner, Insight Pipe Services