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Christian Sports International Waiver

Waiver - I attest and verify that I or my child(ren) is/are physically able to participate in the Christian Sports International (CSI) sports program. A licensed medical doctor has verified my/his/her physical condition. I have adequate medical coverage and insurance to participate, or give my child(ren) permission to participate, in the CSI sports program. I voluntarily assume all risk of any accident or injury to me or my child, which may arise out of participation in this program; hereby intending to release Christian Sports International (CSI), clinic sponsors, clinic coaches and staff, and any other personnel associated with this program from any liability that may result from their participation.

Photo Waiver - I hereby grant the following rights to Christian Sports International (CSI) and any of its affiliates, licensees, subsidiaries, or assigns in consideration of their possible use of my visual depiction, oral statements or any other information and materials supplied by me (collectively the “material”). I acknowledge that no promise or representation has been made to me that CSI shall have sole and absolute discretion and creative control in determining when or whether the material should be used in any manner. CSI shall have total ownership of the material; the right to broadcast, exhibit, distribute or display the material on broadcast or cable television, satellite transmission, films, photographs, videotapes, videocassettes, videodiscs, the print media, the Internet, radio format, record album audiocassette format, or by any other method or devise now known or hereafter devised; the right to copyright the material; and the right to license others to use these rights. CSI may use my name, likeness, voice, biographical information and/or other material supplied may be for purposes of advertising, publicity and promotion, but not as a direct endorsement for any product or service. I affirm that the use of my likeness, and/or material supplied by me as described above will not violate the rights or any person or organization and will not incur any liability for payment to any person.  I further agree to hold CSI harmless from any and all liability that CSI may incur as a result of its use of the material as stated herein.

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