March 20, 2020


Dear Friend,

Christian Sports International (CSI) does not normally share the financial state of the ministry, however amid the unprecedented response to the worldwide pandemic related to the corona (Covid-19) virus, we, like many other many other organizations and businesses, are quickly adapting to a new normal for the foreseeable future. As such, and in compliance with the current mandate of no group gatherings of 10 or more individuals, CSI has postponed all upcoming events and will be in need of funding very shortly.


CSI has had to cancel two large fundraising events set for this Spring that would have raised a total of $15,000-$20,000 used for Summer youth sports outreach programs and ministry expenses. CSI has a current minimum need of $15,000 in order to meet these demands.

Please send an urgent emergency gift today in any amount to help us get through these unforeseeable times and continue our youth sports outreach programs, telling the greatest story ever told; the good news of Jesus Christ.

Since we will not have the needed funds that would have been received through our Spring fundraising events, our Summer programs are in jeopardy of being cut or cancelled. If this happens, kids like former program participant Matt Czarnecki, who is now a lead pastor as a result of our Summer programs, will miss out on a unique opportunity to receive Christ and have their lives changed forever.

Your urgent emergency gift today will help 100 children go to a CSI sports program and hear the good news of Jesus Christ and will also help with other ministry expenses in this time of need.

For the last eighteen years, our Spring fundraising events have been a major budgetary item that helped sustain our Summer programs. With the Spring fundraising events now cancelled, CSI currently does not have the $15,000 in our budget needed for the Summer programs and ministry expenses to continue.

Your faith driven action is needed now. Please send in your urgent emergency gift now to help kids receive the Gospel Message this Summer!  Thank you!

Thank you!